Donations we have made so far in 2023

In January 2023 we agreed to funding of £2880 to replace a greenhouse for the Healing Garden which is attached to Bowman Ward – this is where patients are able to learn new skills to aid with their rehabilitation.

In May 2023 we agreed to funding of £369 to replace the patient’s TV and to £125 to purchase a Karaoke Machine, both for Harvest Ward.

In July 2023 we agreed to £200 funding for the Minor Injuries Unit to purchase child friendly items to furnish the new MIUIn September we agreed to funding of £117.15 for the Woodfield Stroke Rehab Unit to purchase a Biozoom Air Flavoured Device which enables patients who are unable to swallow or take anything by mouth to have tastes for pleasure by running a gas through fluids such as coffee to create a flavoured froth.